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"MINT" means unopened still in Capsule WITH description paper
"Loose" means opened, no capsule and no paper.

Make a Swap Proposal

I have the following quantities of Tomy Toy Capsules for trade.

Simpsons Figures Series 2
Ralph Wiggum (MINT)
Pokemon Mini Viewers
(no picture available)
Red (Loose)
Winnie the Pooh Mini Mugs
(no picture available)
Gopher (Loose but in packet)
Winnie the Pooh (Loose but in packet)
Disney Mini Plate Collection
Tinkerbelle (MINT)
Simba (MINT)
Little Mermaid (Loose)
Monsters Inc Figures Collection
Waternoose (MINT)
Disney Figure Collection

Daisy Duck (MINT)
Donald Duck (MINT)
Minnie Mouse with Tray (MINT)
Mickey Mouse Workman (MINT)
Pluto (MINT)

Looney Tunes Fridge Magnets

Tweety and Sylvester x 3 (MINT)

Miniature Mug Collection
Mickey Mouse running (Loose but in packet)
Mickey Mouse head (MINT)

Thunderbirds Rescue Vehicles

Thunderbird 4 (Loose)

Garfield Stamp Collection
Arlene No 2 in picture (Loose)
Garfield No 6 in picture (Loose but in packet)

Tomy Toy Capsule Description Papers for Trade

Make a Swap Proposal