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Dick Tracy was an American comic strip created by Chester Gould that he started in 1931 and continued writing until 1977 after which a number of authors have continued it. Beyond the comic strip Dick Tracy has been featured in eight movies, culminating in the 1990 film starring Warren Beatty, a live action TV series from 1950 to 1951 and an animated TV series in 1961. Many hundreds of books and comics have been published in that time and this gallery in no-way reflects that, largely concentrating only on what I have in my collection or I want for my collection.

= In My Collection / = Not in My Collection

Tempo Books

No 1 (1979)

Meets Angeltop
No 2 (1980)

Meets the Punks

Fawcett Books

No 1 (Dec 1975)

Prune Face
No 2 (Dec 1975)

Snowflake and Shaky
No 3 (Feb 1976)

Mrs. Pruneface

Wellfleet Books


The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy 1931 - 1951

Whitman Books


Dick Tracy Encounters Facey
(Hardback - Big Little Book Series)

Bantam Books


Dick Tracy Movie Novelisation