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King Tutt was a comic strip written by Geoff Watson who sadly passed away on 24 September 2015. In the UK, only six books were published by Ravette Books. The same six books were also published in Germany, along with a further four titles which I would dearly love to see published by Ravette to complete the UK series.

If anyone has images of editions produced in any other countries (or better yet books to swap to me), please email me.

UPDATE : Acquired a landscape book published in South Africa prior to any of the German or UK editions ! (see below)

Many thanks to
Dr Marcus Schweizer for translation of some of the titles.

= In My Collection / = Not in My Collection

South Africa
No 1 (1985)

No 1 (1988)
I am advised the German title means "Out of Egypt". The UK title was "Beyond Words".
No 1 (1991)
No 2 (1988)
The German title translates as "Down with the Computers", almost identical to the UK title.
No 2 (1990)
No 3 (1989)
I am told the German title means "To Hell With It".
No 3 (1990)
No 4 (1989)
I am told the German title means "Destroy, What Destroys You".
No 4 (?)
No 5 (1989)
Babel translates the German title as "Now Goes Approximately"! The UK title was "Rock 'n' Roll". According to information received the title means "Now Starts the Action / Fun ..."
No 5 (1990)
No 6 (1989)
The German title translates as "The Sands of Time" which is again almost exactly the same title as in the UK !
No 6 (1990)
This book is unique to Germany and the title amazingly enough translates as "Countdown" !
This book is also unique to Germany and the title translates as "Long Live the King".
This book too is only published in Germany and the title translates as "Heavy Times".
The final book unique to Germany is "Wenn Alle Stricke Reissen" which translates as "When all Cords Break".