In 2013 the Company name changed to Judges Sampson Ltd whom I'd like to thank for sending some map postcards that I did not have in my collection.

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1066 Country (C12364)

1066 Country (C15858)

Isle of Sheppey (C13701)

Cornwall (C25264)

East Sussex (C17273)

Lincolnshire (C17528)

North Devon (C-55344)

North Wales (C21027)

South Devon (C-32743)

Surrey (C-32406)

West Sussex (C-32405)

Yorkshire Dales (C20721)

Essex (C-55438)

Essex (C14430)
Also published by Judges for Shoreline Cards (M252)

North Staffordshire (C15426)

South Staffordshire (C15425)

Old Staffordshire (C-55633)

Cheshire (C17183)

Chester (C17182)

The Cotswolds (C11790)

Exmoor Country (C11778)

Isle of Sheppey (C13158)

Romney Marsh, Kent (C11741)

South Devon (C11753)

North York Moors (C10765)

North York Moors (C10765)

North York Moors (C-10765 non-Italic)

East Sussex (C 1646)

Gower (C 2876)

Gower (C 2876)

Kent (C8893)

Mid Wales (C 3181)

North Wales (C 2157)

South Wales (C8545)

West Sussex (C 2156)

West Wales (C 2877)

West Wales (C-02877)

West Wales (C-55023)

Tenby, South Wales (C13257)

St. David's , South Wales (C11388)

Cardiff, South Wales (C11389)

Brecon, South Wales (C11391)

Barry Island , South Wales (C11390)

Hay-on-Wye, South Wales (C-11763)

Verulamium, St. Albans (C9553X)

South East England (C14446)

South West England (C14440)

London (C14443)

The Channel Tunnel (C14438)

Wales (C14441)

Merseyside & Cheshire (C14445)

North Sea Fog (C14444)

United Europe? (C14447)

Anglesey (C12210)

Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey (C12208)

Conwy Castle, North Wales (C11610)

Caernarfon Castle, North Wales (C16543)

Caernarfon Castle, North Wales (C12209)

Harlech Castle, North Wales (C16541)

Harlech Castle, North Wales (C12207)

Judges Postcards Ltd, Hastings (C14431)

Fairlight Down (C8790X)

Ashdown Forest (C7745X)

Cobham on the River Mole (C14831X)

Snowdon (C19448)

North Wales (C12210)

Heart of Kent (C16428)

Location of Beverley, Yorkshire (C-59355)

Chard, Somerset (Battle of Sedgemoor) (C30087X)

Old Dorchester, Dorset (C 983)

Blackland Farm Camp Site (C 8213X)

Humourous Scotland (C-60693)

United Kingdom (B-31925X)
Printed by Judges for LGP (Lee Gone Publications)