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Andy Pandy was a black and white children's television series using string puppets that was first broadcast on the BBC in 1950 with one season of twenty-six episodes. This was followed by a second season of thirteen episodes in colour twenty years later in 1970. In 2002 there were two further seasons of twenty six episodes each made by the BBC using stop-motion animation. A large number of books were published over the years, notably a set of (originally) numbered books which have been reprinted many times. The books in my collection are generally later impressions and do not have the numbering. They first appeared around 1954 and were reprinted into the 1980s. This gallery is a reflection of my collection only, or books I know about I would like for my collection. I have yet to acquire any books based on the 2002 series.

= In My Collection / = Not in My Collection

Hodder and Stoughton Books

Book 1

Andy Pandy and the Willow Tree
Book 2

Andy Pandy and the White Kitten
Book 3

Andy Pandy and Teddy at the Zoo
Book 4

Andy Pandy and the Ducklings
Book 5

Andy Pandy's Tea Party
Book 6

Andy Pandy and the Gingerbread Man
Book 7

Andy Pandy in the Country
Book 8

Andy Pandy's Shop
Book 9

Andy Pandy's Jack-in-the-Box
Book 10

Andy Pandy's Shopping Bag
Book 11

Andy Pandy Paints His House
Book 12

Andy Pandy and the Hedgehog
Book 13

Andy Pandy's Washing Day
Book 14

Andy Pandy and His Hobby Horse
Book 15

Andy Pandy's Kite
Book 16

Andy Pandy's Puppy
Book 17

Andy Pandy and the Teddy Dog
Book 18

Andy Pandy's Dovecot
Book 19

Andy Pandy and the Baby Pigs
Book 20

Andy Pandy's Little Goat
Book 21

Andy Pandy and the Patchwork Cat
Book 22

Andy Pandy and the Snowman
Book 23

Andy Pandy's Weather House
Book 24

Andy Pandy's New Pet
Book 25

Andy Pandy Plays Lions and Tigers
Book 26

Andy Pandy's Playhouse
Book 27

Andy Pandy and the Green Puppy
Book 28

Andy Pandy and the Badger
Book 29

Andy Pandy and the Scarecrow
Book 30

Andy Pandy's Red Motor Car
Book 31

Andy Pandy and the Yellow Dog
Book 32

Andy Pandy and the Spotted Cow
Book 33

Andy Pandy and the Baby Monkey
Book 34

Andy Pandy and the Tiny Piglet

Purnell Booklet Paperbacks


Andy Pandy's Tree-House

Purnell Hardback Books


Andy Pandy and the Woolly Lamb

Andy Pandy and the Woolly Lamb

Andy Pandy Annuals Gallery