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Biker Mice From Mars was a children's animated series that ran for three seasons (65 episodes) from 1993 to 1996 and revived for a fourth and final season of 28 episodes in 2006. In addition to the one annual published, Buzz Books published eight hardback books novelising some of the episodes, and Mammoth Books published two original stories in paperback.

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Buzz Books

No 1 (1994)

Rock 'n' Ride
No 2 (1994)

A Mouse and His Motorcycle
No 3 (1994)

Test of Friendship
No 4 (1994)

The Masked Motorcyclist
No 5 (1995)

Enter the Rat
No 6 (1995)

The Road Ravens
No 7 (1995)

No 8 (1995)

Double Trouble

Mammoth Books



Chill Zone

Biker Mice From Mars Annual Gallery