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Bonanza was a popular Western TV series that ran for fourteen seasons from 1959 to 1973. In the US, at least one book was published by Popular Library Books in 1960, two books published in 1968 by Paperback Library Books, and a set of six books by Bantam Books in the 1990s. There was also at least two novels published by Media Books, only one of which I know the title of. In the UK one book was published by Corgi Books and at least two children's books by Armada. Whitman also published four hardbacks, one in their Big Little Books series. In 2011 a book of Bonanza short stories was published by BW Books.

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US - Popular Library Books



US - Paperback Library Books

No 1 (1968)

Winter Grass
No 2 (1968)

Ponderosa Kill

US - Media Books

No 1 (1966)

One Man With Courage
No 2 (May 1967)

Black Silver

US - Bantam Books

No 1 (1992)

The Pioneer Spirit
No 2 (1992)

The Ponderosa Empire
No 3 (1993)

The High Steel Hazard
No 4 (1993)

Jpurney of the Horse
No 5 (1993)

The Money Hole
No 6 (1994)

The Trail to Timberline

UK - Consul Books


Reprint of Popular Library edition above

UK - Corgi Books


One Man With Courage

UK - Armada Books


Hoss of Bonanza

Little Joe of Bonanza

Whitman Books


Killer Lion

Treachery Trail

Heroes of the Wild West

Whitman Big Little Books


The Bubble-Gum Kid

World Adventure Library
From the World Distributors 'World Adventure Library' series

No 1 (1966)

The Ponderosa Ranch
No 2 (1967)

The Four Flush
No 3 (1967)

My Friend the Wooden Indian

BW Books


The Best of Bonanza World

Bonanza Annuals Gallery