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Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character created in 1938 and featured in many cartoons and TV shows to the present day. Many books were published over the years and this gallery reflects only books in my collection or books I know about that I want in my collection.

= In My Collection / = Not in My Collection

Pendulum Books


Bugs Bunny

Buzz Books

No 1 (1990)

Bugs Bunny in Ali Baba Bunny
No 2 (1990)

Bugs Bunny in Knighty Knight Bugs
No 3 (1990)

Bugs Bunny in Broomstick Bunny
No 4 (1990)

Bugs Bunny in Mutiny on the Bunny

Dean Books by Egmont
Hardback featuring the four stories from the Buzz Books (above) and the four stories from the Looney Tunes Buzz Books.


Your Favourite Bugs Bunny Story Collection

Whitman Books

Whitman Comic Books

Bugs Bunny

Big Little Books

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble of Diamond Island

Bugs Bunny : Accidental Adventure

Bugs Bunny : The Last Crusader

McDonalds Happy Reader Books
Published by Scholastic Books for McDonalds


The 24 Carat Rabbit

Bugs Bunny Annuals Gallery

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