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Daktari was an American children's TV series that ran for four seasons from 1966 to 1969. There were only four paperback novels published in the UK by Souvenir Press Ltd under their Four Square imprint (Nos 1 and 2) and New English Library/Four Square imprint (Nos 3 and 4). The first of these was previously published in the US by Ace Books. In addition, there was a Big Little book published by Whitman in 1968 and a 'Tell-a-Tale' book in 1969.

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UK - Souvenir Press Ltd

No 1 (1967)
No 2 (1967)
No 3 (1967)
No 4 (1968)

US - Ace Books


Whitman Books

From the Whitman 'Big Little Books' series

From the Whitman 'Tell-a-Tale' series

Daktari Annuals Gallery