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Edward and Friends was a children's TV series in claymation from FilmFair that ran for one season of twenty-eight episodes in 1987. It is another children's animation that was first a line of children's toys called the Fabuland range from Lego. Seven novelisations were published by Ladybird Books, two in each book except the seventh.

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Ladybird Books

No 1 (1987)

Lionel's Party / Edward and the Camera
No 2 (1987)

Edward Gets the Hiccups / Wilfred's Treasure
No 3 (1988)

Edward Joins the Band / Clive's Kite
No 4 (1988)

Lionel's Car / Edward to the Rescue
No 5 (1989)

Edward Tries to Help / Boris Gets a Scooter
No 6 (1989)

Edward and the Big Balloon / A Robot For Max
No 7 (1989)

Christmas in Fabuland