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Father Dowling Mysteries (known as Father Dowling Investigates in the UK) was an American television mystery series that ran for three seasons from 1987 to 1991. The series was inspired by the Father Dowling books written by Ralph McInerny (list at bottom of page) though none of the books were adapted for the TV series. Two of the books were re-published with TV-themed covers by Boxtree Books. Ralph McInerny died in 2010.

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Boxtree Books



Ralph McInerny's Father Dowling Books List
with original publication dates

Her Death of Cold (1977)
The Seventh Station (1977)
Bishop as Pawn (1978)
Lying Three (1979)
The Second Vespers (1980)
Thicker Than Water (1981)
A Loss of Patients (1982)
The Grass Widow (1983)
Getting a Way with Murder (1984)
Rest in Pieces (1985)
The Basket Case (1987)
Slight of Body (1989) also published as 'Abracadaver'
Four on the Floor (1989)
Judas Priest (1991)
Desert Sinner (1992)
Seed of Doubt (1993)
A Cardinal Offense (1994)
The Tears of Things (1996)
Grave Undertakings (2000)
Triple Pursuit (2001)
Prodigal Father (2002)
Last Things (2003)
Requiem for a Realtor (2004)
Blood Ties (2005)
The Prudence of Flesh (2006)
The Widow's Mate (2007)
Ash Wednesday (2008)
The Wisdom of Father Dowling (2009)
Stained Glass (2009)