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Hannay was an ITV detective television series that ran for two seasons from 1988 to 1989 and was a prequel spin-off from the 1978 TV movie 'The Thirty-Nine Steps' (not to be confused with the 1959 cinematic film of the same name starring Kenneth More). The TV series and TV movie were based on the Hannay novels of John Buchan (List at bottom of gallery) and both starred Robert Powell as Richard Hannay. John Buchan's Hannay books were re-published with TV (and film) tie-in covers.

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The Thirty-Nine Steps

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Mr Standfast

The Three Hostages

The Island of Sheep

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The Thirty-Nine Steps

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Movie Tie-in Cover with artist drawing of Kenneth More


The Thirty-Nine Steps


John Buchan's Hannay Books List
with original publication dates

Hannay appears in several novels as a major character, including...
The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915)
Greenmantle (1916)
Mr Standfast (1919)
The Three Hostages (1924)
The Island of Sheep (1936)

He also appears as a minor character in...
The Courts of the Morning (1929)
Sick Heart River (1940)