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Jemima Shore Investigates was a Thames Television series that ran for one season of twelve episodes in 1983. The series starred Patricia Hodge in the title role of journalist-turned-detective and was based upon the books by Antonia Fraser (list at bottom of page). Penguin Books published two of the original books with TV-themed covers. Methuen Books published one novelisation book (covering seven TV episodes) and two of Fraser's books with TV-themed covers (the remaining six books in the series having been originally published long after the TV series ended).

Incidentally, the first book 'Quiet as a Nun' was previously dramatised in a six-part serial as part of the ITV Armchair Thriller television series in 1978 and starring Maria Aitken in the title role.

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Penguin Books


Quiet as a Nun

The Wild Island

Methuen Books


A Splash of Red

Cool Repentance

Jemima Shore Investigates

Antonia Fraser's Jemima Shore Books List

with original publication dates

Quiet as a Nun (1977)
The Wild Island (1978)
A Splash of Red (1981)
Cool Repentance (1982)
Oxford Blood (1985)
Jemima Shore's First Case (1986)
Your Royal Hostage (1987)
The Cavalier Case (1990)
Jemima Shore at the Sunny Grave (1991)
Political Death (1995)
Jemima Shore Investigates (1983) introduced by Antonia Fraser