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Marmalade Atkins is a fictional character created by Andrew Davies in his original book "Marmalade and Rufus" published in 1979 (since re-published as "Marmalade Atkins' Dreadful Deeds"). ITV made a one-off episode titled 'Marmalade Atkins in Space' in 1981, followed by two TV series of ten episodes each, 'Educating Marmalade' in 1982-83 and 'Danger: Marmalade At Work' in 1984. Charlotte Coleman played the lead role in all of them. Five books were published by Thames Magnet Books with TV-themed covers. A sixth book was published by Puffin Books long after the series, in 1995.

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Thames Magnet Books

No 1 (1982)

Marmalade Atkins' Dreadful Deeds
No 2 (1984)

Marmalade Atkins in Space
No 3 (1984)

Educating Marmalade
No 4 (1984)

Danger, Marmalade at Work
No 5 (1984)

Marmalade Hits the Big Time

Puffin Books


Marmalade Atkins' Dreadful Deeds

Marmalade Atkins on the Ball

Marmalade Atkins Annuals Gallery