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Murder Most English was a BBC TV series in 1977 adapting four of the Flaxborough novels by Colin Watson (list at end of gallery). The four books used for the TV series were re-published with TV-themed covers by Magnum Books.

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Magnum Books


Hopjoy Was Here

Lonelyheart 4122

The Flaxborough Crab

Coffin Scarcely Used


Colin Watson's The Flaxborough Chronicles Books List
with original publication dates

Coffin, Scarcely Used (1958)
Bump in the Night (1960)
Hopjoy Was Here (1962)
Lonelyheart 4122 (1967)
Charity Ends at Home (1968)
The Flaxborough Crab (1969) - published in the USA as Just What the Doctor Ordered
Broomsticks over Flaxborough (1972) - published in the USA as Kissing Covens
The Naked Nuns (1975) - published in the USA as Six Nuns and a Shotgun
One Man's Meat (1977) - published in the USA as It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
Blue Murder (1979)
Plaster Sinners (1980)
Whatever's Been Going on at Mumblesby? (1982)