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Murder, She Wrote was a TV series that lasted for twelve seasons between 1984 and 1996. In the UK, four books were published by Star Books and at least one by Sphere Books (a reprint of a US edition). Additionally, at least three books were published by Berkley Boulevard Books in the US featuring short stories by multiple authors, hence the title 'Murder They Wrote'.

Worldwide, new novels are still being published to the present day with about two new books every year. These are published by the Penguin Group (Signet Books imprint until April 2007, Obsidian Mystery Books imprint 2007 - 2015 and Berkley Books 2016 onwards). This gallery will be updated as and when I acquire the books.

UK Star Books

No 1 (1985)
No 2 (1985)
No 3 (1986)
No 4 (1986)

US Avon Books

No 1 (1985)
No 2 (1985)
No 3 (1986)

UK Sphere Books


Gins and Daggers

UK Titan Books

Apr 1995

Manhattans and Murder
Aug 1995

Rum and Razors
Feb 1996

Martinis and Mayhem

US (Penguin Group)

Signet Books
1994 (Apr)

Manhattans and Murder
1995 (Apr)

Rum and Razors
1995 (Aug)

Brandy and Bullets
1995 (Dec)

Martinis and Mayhem
1996 (Apr)

A Deadly Judgement
1996 (Oct)

A Pallette for Murder
1997 (Apr)

The Highland Fling Murders
1997 (Oct)

Murder on the QEII
1998 (May)

Murder in Moscow
1998 (Oct)

A Little Yuletide Murder
1999 (May)

Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch
1999 (Oct)

Knock 'em Dead
2000 (Apr)

Gins and Daggers
2000 (Oct)

Trick or Treachery
2001 (Apr)

Blood on the Vine
2001 (Oct)

Murder in a Minor Key
2002 (Apr)

Provence to Die For
2002 (Oct)

You Bet Your Life
2003 (Apr)

Majoring in Murder
2004 (Apr)

Dying to Retire
2004 (Sep)

Destination Murder
2005 (Apr)

The Maine Mutiny
2005 (Sep)

A Vote for Murder
2006 (Apr)

A Question of Murder
2006 (Sep)

Margaritas and Murder
2007 (Apr)

Coffee, Tea or Murder

Obsidian Mystery Books
2007 (Sep)

Three Strikes and You're Dead
2008 (Sep)

Panning for Murder
2009 (Mar)

Murder on the Parade
2009 (Sep)

A Slaying in Savannah
2010 (Mar)

Madison Avenue Shoot
2010 (Sep)

A Fatal Feast
2011 (Mar)

Nashville Noir
2011 (Sep)

The Queen's Jewels
2012 (Mar)

Skating on Thin Ice
2012 (Sep)

The Fine Art of Murder
2013 (Mar)

Trouble at High Tide
2013 (Sep)

Domestic Malice
2014 (Mar)

Prescription for Murder
2014 (Sep)

Close-Up on Murder
2015 (Mar)

Aloha Betrayed
2015 (Sep)

Death of a Blue Blood
2016 (Mar)

Killer in the Kitchen

Berkley Books
2016 (Sep)

The Ghost and Mrs Fletcher
2017 (Mar)

Design for Murder
2017 (Sep)

Hook, Line and Murder
2018 (Oct)

A Date With Murder
2019 (Apr)

Manuscript for Murder
2019 (Sep)

Murder in Red
2020 (Apr)

A Time for Murder

US Berkley Boulevard Books


New American Library Books

Nov 2009

Murder Never Takes a Holiday
("Manhattans & Murder" with "A Little Yuletide Murder")