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Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian television crime drama series that started in 2008 and has run for fifteen seasons to date with a sixteenth confirmed. It was shown in the UK on Alibi. The series is based on characters from the Detective Murdoch novels by Maureen Jennings (full list at bottom of gallery), the first three of which were adapted as separate television movies in 2004 and 2005.

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Titan Books

No 1 (Feb 2012)

Except the Dying
No 2 (Feb 2012)

Under the Dragon's Tail
No 3 (Mar 2012)

Poor Tom is Cold
No 4 (Apr 2012)

Let Loose the Dogs
No 5 (May 2012)

Night's Child
No 6 (May 2012)

Vices of My Blood
No 7 (Jul 2012)

A Journeyman to Grief
No 8 (Nov 2017)

Let Darkness Bury the Dead

Maureen Jennings's Detective Murdoch Books List
with original publication dates

Except the Dying (1997), adapted into the TV film Except the Dying in May 2004
Under the Dragon's Tail (1998), adapted into the TV film Under the Dragon's Tail in September 2004
Poor Tom Is Cold (2001), adapted into the TV film Poor Tom Is Cold in May 2005
Let Loose the Dogs (2003), adapted for episode 6 of Murdoch Mysteries in February 2008
Night's Child (2005)
Vices of My Blood (2006)
A Journeyman to Grief (2007)
Let Darkness Bury the Dead (2017)