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One by One was a BBC TV series that ran for three seasons from 1984 to 1987 based upon the 'Zoo Vet' books by David Taylor. A number of his novels were re-published with TV-themed covers, though I am not sure of how many in total. If anyone knows of any others and has images to contribute, please email me.

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List of David Taylor's Zoo Vet Books

(With original publication dates)

Zoo Vet: World of a Wildlife Vet (1976)
Zoo Vet: Adventures of a Wild Animal Doctor (1977)
Is There a Doctor in the Zoo? (1978)
Going Wild: More Adventures of a Zoo Vet (1980)
Next Panda, Please!: Further Adventures of a Wildlife Vet (1982)
Wandering Whale and Other Adventures from a Zoo Vet's Casebook (1984)
My Animal Kingdom, One by One (1984)
Doctor in the Zoo: Making of a Zoo Vet (1985)
Dragon Doctor: Further Adventures from a Zoo Vet's Cases (1986)
Vet on the Wild Side: Further Adventures of a Wildlife Vet (1991)
The Patient Elephant: More Exotic Cases From the World's Top Wildlife Vet (1993)
Vet on the Wild Side (1998)