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Rod Hull and Emu have featured on a number of television shows, including their own series, initially for the BBC and then ITV. The series were "Emu's Broadcasting Company" (BBC 1975 to 1980), seven separate BBC specials from 1977 to 1982, "Rod and Emu's Saturday Specials" (BBC six episodes in 1983), "The Rod & Emu Show" (BBC 1984), "Emu's World" (ITV 1982 - 1984), "Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show" (ITV 1984 to 1985), "Emu's Pink Windmill Show" (ITV 1986), "Emu's Wide World" (ITV 1987 to 1988), "Emu's World" (ITV 1988), "EMU-TV" (Canada, 22 episodes) and "Rod 'n' Emu" an animated series on CITV in 1991. Very few books dedicated to these series were published and this gallery is limited to my collection.

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Purnell Books


Rod Hull's Emu On His Own

Rod Hull's Emu On Holiday

Hodder & Stoughton Books


Emu's World Story Book

Rod Hull and Emu Annuals Gallery