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Round the Twist was a quirky children's TV series from Australia initially based on the books of Paul Jennings. There were four series in total. The first series was broadcast in 1989 and comprised of 13 episodes. A second series with re-cast roles was shown in 1992 also comprising of 13 episodes. Paul Jennings then left production and no further series were made until 2000 when two series of 13 episodes each aired from 2000 to 2001, with roles re-cast again for both series. I know of (and have) one book with the 1989/1992 series cover published in the UK by Puffin Books and four books published by Angus & Robertson in Australia, novelisations based on the 2000/2001 series.

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Puffin Books (UK)


Angus & Robertson Books (Australia)


Series 3, Book 1

Series 3, Book 2

Series 4, Book 1

Series 4, Book 2