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Shetland is a BBC Scotland crime drama television series that has run for four seasons from 2013 to the present. The series starring Douglas Henshall as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez is based upon the Shetland Island series of novels by Ann Cleeves (list at bottom of gallery). One book was published with a full TV-themed cover by Pan Books in 2012 and all the next six novels republished in 2015 with an inset photo from the series. The series continued from 2016 with two further books.

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Pan Books

No 3 (2012)

No 1 (2015)
No 2 (2015)
No 3 (2015)
No 4 (2015)
No 5 (2015)
No 6 (2015)
No 7 (2016)
No 8 (2018)

Shetland Island Series by Ann Cleeves Books List
with original publication dates

Raven Black (2006)
White Nights (2008)
Red Bones (2009)
Blue Lightning (2010)
Dead Water (2013)
Thin Air (2014)
Too Good To Be True (2016, novella)
Cold Earth (2016)
Wild Fire (2018)