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The Sweeney was a popular UK TV crime series that ran for four seasons between 1975 and 1978. Ten novels were published, all by Futura Books in the UK. The very first book published in 1975, as the first of a numbered series, was done so with the main title mis-spelt (missing out the 'e') on both the cover and the spine (but not inside)! Needless to say, the book was hastily re-published. There followed eight further numbered books, and then the novelisation of the TV movie "Sweeney 2".

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Futura Books

No 1 (1975)

The "Sweeny"
No 1 (1975)

The "Sweeney" spelt correctly
No 1 again (1976)

No 2 (1976)

Regan and the Manhattan File
No 2 again (1976)

Regan and the Manhattan File
No 3 (1976)

Regan and the Deal of the Century
No 4 (1977)

Regan and the Lebanese Diplomat
No 5 (1977)

The Human Pipeline
No 6 (1977)

Regan and the Snout Who Cried Wolf
No 7 (1977)

Regan and the Bent Stripper
No 8 (1978)

Regan and the Venetian Virgin
No 9 (1978)

Regan and the High-Rollers


Sweeney 2

The Sweeney Annuals Gallery