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The Saint was a spy thriller television series that ran for six seasons on ITV between 1962 and 1969. The series was based on the literary character Simon Templar (portrayed by Roger Moore) created by Leslie Charteris in the 1920s and featured in a total of 54 books (list at bottom of page). A number of the books were re-published with TV-themed covers.

Fiction Publishing Books
Covers from the 1960s TV Series


Enter the Saint

The Saint Closes the case

Featuring the Saint

Alias the Saint

The Saint Meets His Match

The Saint Vs Scotland Yard

The Saint's Getaway

The Saint and Mr Teal

The Saint in New York

The Saint Overboard

The Saint Steps In

The Saint Sees It Through

The Avenging Saint

McFadden Books


The Saint in the Sun

Ace Books


The Saint - Wanted for Murder

Many episodes were based upon Charteris's stories, although as the series progressed more and more new stories were written. The episode 'Queen's Ransom' was both the first colour episode and the first episode not to be based on a Charteris book. The novel 'Vendetta for the Saint', credited to Charteris but written by Harry Harrison, was one of the last Saint stories to be adapted for the TV series. Some of the later episodes were novelised and published as part of the ongoing series of The Saint novels the first of which was 'The Saint on TV'. Novelisations continued for several years after the television programme had ended.

The series was revived as 'Return of the Saint' starring Ian Ogilvy, which ran for 24 episodes in 1978 and 1979. Unlike the earlier series, Return of the Saint did not adapt any Leslie Charteris stories; however, several episodes were adapted as novels that were credited to Charteris but written by others. Also a number of the original books were republished as 'Return of the Saint' books depicting Ian Ogilvy on the covers.

Coronet Books


The Saint's Getaway

The Saint to the Rescue

Trust the Saint

The Saint Abroad

The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace

Send for the Saint

The Saint in Trouble

The Saint and the Templar Treasure
Second Impressions (Colour Variation)

Send for the Saint

The Saint in Trouble

Severn House Books


The Saint Plays With Fire

The Saint Steps In

Thanks to the Saint

In 1997 there was a movie released starring Val Kilmer and a novelisation was published by Pocket Books.

Pocket Books


The Saint (Movie Novelisation)

The Saint Annuals Gallery

The Saint Books List
with original publication date and alternate titles

Meet the Tiger (1928) [Also printed as 'Meet - the Tiger!', 'The Saint Meets the Tiger', 'Scoundrels Ltd.', 'Crooked Gold' and 'The Saint in Danger']
Enter the Saint (1930)
The Last Hero (1930) [Also printed as 'The Creeping Death', 'Sudden Death', 'The Saint Closes the Case' and 'The Saint and the Last Hero']
Knight Templar (1930) [Also printed as 'The Avenging Saint']
Featuring the Saint (1931)
Alias the Saint (1931)
Wanted for Murder (1931) [Also printed as 'Paging the Saint']
She Was a Lady (1931) [Also printed as 'The Saint Meets His Match' and 'Angels of Doom']
The Holy Terror (1932) [Also printed as 'The Saint Vs. Scotland Yard']
Getaway (1932) [Also printed as 'The Saint's Getaway', 'Property of the Deceased' and 'Two Men from Munich']
Once More the Saint (1933) [Also printed as 'The Saint and Mr. Teal']
The Brighter Buccaneer (1933)
The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal (1934) [Also printed as 'The Saint in London' and 'The Saint in England']
Boodle (1934) [Also printed as 'The Saint Intervenes']
The Saint Goes On (1934)
The Saint in New York (1935)
Saint Overboard (1936) [Also printed as 'The Pirate Saint' and 'The Saint Overboard']
The Ace of Knaves (1937) [Also printed as 'The Saint in Action']
Thieves' Picnic (1937) [Also printed as 'The Saint Bids Diamonds']
Prelude for War (1938) [Also printed as 'The Saint Plays with Fire' and 'The Saint and the Sinners']
Follow the Saint (1938)
The Happy Highwayman (1939)
The Saint in Miami (1940)
The Saint Goes West (1942)
The Saint Steps In (1942)
The Saint on Guard (1944) [Also printed as 'The Saint and the Sizzling Saboteur']
The Saint Sees it Through (1946)
Call for the Saint (1948)
Saint Errant (1948)
The Saint in Europe (1953)
The Saint on the Spanish Main (1955)
The Saint Around the World (1956)
Thanks to the Saint (1957)
Seņor Saint (1958)
The Saint to the Rescue (1959)
Trust the Saint (1962)
The Saint in the Sun (1963)

Accredited to Leslie Charteris but written by others...
Vendetta for the Saint (Harry Harrison, Leslie Charteris) (1964)
The Saint on TV (Fleming Lee, John Kruse) (1968) [TV Series Novelisation]
The Saint Returns (Fleming Lee, John Kruse, D.R. Motton, Leigh Vance) (1968) [TV Series Novelisation]
The Saint and the Fiction Makers (Fleming Lee, John Kruse) (1968) [TV Series Novelisation]
The Saint Abroad (Fleming Lee, Michael Pertwee) (1969) [TV Series Novelisation]
The Saint in Pursuit (Fleming Lee, Leslie Charteris) (1970)
The Saint and the People Importers (Fleming Lee, Leslie Charteris) (1971) [TV Series Novelisation]
Catch the Saint (Fleming Lee, Norman Worker) (1975)
The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (Christopher Short) (1976)
Send for the Saint (Peter Bloxsom, John Kruse,Donald James) (1977)
The Saint in Trouble (Graham Weaver, John Kruse,Terence Feely) (1978) [Return of the Saint episode novelisation]
The Saint and the Templar Treasure (Graham Weaver, Donne Avenell) (1979)
Count on the Saint (Graham Weaver, Donne Avenell) (1980)
Salvage for the Saint (Peter Bloxsom, John Kruse) (1983) [Return of the Saint episode novelisation]
The Saint (Burl Barer, Jonathan Hensleigh,Wesley Strick) (1997) [Film Novelisation]
Capture the Saint (Burl Barer) (1997)