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Woody Woodpecker was the most popular cartoon produced by the Walter Lantz Studios, created in 1940 and originally shown in cinemas. From 1957 to 1972 the Walter Lantz cartoons were shown on television under the title 'The Woody Woodpecker Show' featuring Woody Woodpecker and a number of other Lantz cartoons. Many years later 'The New Woody Woodpecker Show' was produced by Universal Cartoon Studios which ran for three seasons from 1999 to 2002. A number of books have been published over the years, though this gallery is currently limited to my collection only.

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Xerox Education Books


Woody Woodpecker

Whitman Books

Big Little Books

Woody Woodpecker : The Meteor Menace

Woody Woodpecker : The Sinister Signal

Ravette Books


Woody Woodpecker : On the Ball

Woody Woodpecker Annuals Gallery