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The XYY Man was a UK drama series made by Granada TV which ran for two seasons from 1976 to 1977. Don Henderson co-starred as DS Bulman, a character that featured in two subsequent spin-off TV series, 'Strangers' (5 seasons, 1978 - 1982, no known novels) and 'Bulman' (2 seasons, 1985 - 1987). The XYY Man series was based on the series of books by Kenneth Royce (List at end of gallery), only two of which were published with TV-themed covers by Mayflower Books.

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Mayflower Books


The Concrete Boot

The Miniatures Frame


Kenneth Royce's XYY Man Books List
with original publication dates

The XYY Man (1970)
Concrete Boot (1971)
The Miniatures Frame (1972)
Spider Underground (The Masterpiece Affair) (1973)
Trap Spider (1974)
The Crypto Man (1984)
The Mosley Receipt (1985)