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BBC Books re-published six of the classic Target Books novelisations using the original artwork but newer logo in 2011, and a further six novelisations in 2012.

Seven more reprints were published in 2016, the last three of which feature new artwork by the original Target series artist, Chris Achilleos.

In 2018 BBC Target Books started publishing novelisations of 'new' Doctor Who episodes and in the first wave included a 'Target' version of 'City of Death' from the Fourth Doctor's era.

In 2021, four further classic novelisations were re-published with new covers. In 2022 re-written 'The Stones of Blood' and 'The Androids of Tara' were published.

In 2023 "Warriors' Gate" was published, re-written and extended as "Warriors' Gate and Beyond".

All of these are in my collection

BBC Books


...and the Daleks

...and the Crusaders

...and the Cybermen

...and the Abominable Snowmen

...and the Auton Invasion

...and the Cave Monsters


...and the Tenth Planet

...and the Ice Warriors

...and the Day of the Daleks

The Three Doctors

...and the Ark in Space

...and the Loch Ness Monster


...and the Zarbi

...and the Web of Fear

...and the Dinosaur Invasion

Genesis of the Daleks

The Visitation

Vengeance on Varos



City of Death


...and the Pirate Planet

Resurrection of the Daleks

Revelation of the Daleks

The TV Movie


The Stones of Blood

The Androids of Tara


Warriors' Gate and Beyond