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Eight of Target's Doctor Who books were re-published in France by Garanciere Books in a numbered series. Doctor Who was shown in France as part of the 'Temps X' science and science fiction television series hosted by the twin Bogdanoff brothers (which is why their pictures are on the book covers). The Bogdanoff twins died of Covid within days of each other in 2021.
I have all but No 8 in my collection

Garanciere Books (France)
No 1 (1987)

Entre en Scene
(An Unearthly Child)
No 2 (1987)

Les Croises
(The Crusaders)
No 3 (1987)

Les Daleks
(The Daleks)
No 4 (1987)

Les Daleks Envahissent La Terre
(The Dalek Invasion of Earth)
No 5 (1987)

Le Cerveau de Morbius
(The Brain of Morbius)
No 6 (1987)

Le Masque de Mandragore
(The Masque of Mandragora)
No 7 (1987)

L'abominable Homme des Neiges
(The Abominable Snowmen)
No 8 (1987)