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Man From Atlantis is a TV sci fi series that lasted for only 13 episodes after four TV films broadcast from 1977 and featuring Patrick Duffy, later of Dallas fame. Only four Man from Atlantis books were published at the time. In the UK, only the first two were reprinted, and in the US, only the first two showed photographic covers of the TV series. The last two were published by Dell Books in 1978 and although numbered 3 and 4, did not even bear the main title of "Man from Atlantis". The first two books were novelisations of the first two TV films.

In 2016 the star of the TV series, Patrick Duffy, wrote a brand new novel which was published by Permuted Press.

Pictured below also are two Dutch novels (reprints of the first two books) I have in my collection.

= In My Collection / = Not in My Collection


No 1 (1977)
No 2 (1977)


No 1 (1977)
No 2 (1977)
No 3 (1978)
No 4 (1978)

Permuted Press
A Novel by Patrick Duffy




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