The Sarah Jane Adventures was a children's TV spin-off from Doctor Who featuring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, previously a companion of the third and fourth Doctors, and starring with the fifth, tenth and eleventh Doctors. Sadly, Elisabeth Sladen passed away on 19 April 2011 - she will be greatly missed.

BBC Books have published nine novelisations to date. Interestingly, novelisation of several episodes are missing...
"Secrets of the Stars", "The Mark of the Berserker", "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" and "Enemy of the Bane" from series 2;
"Prisoner of the Judoon", "The Mad Woman in the Attic", "The Eternity Trap", "Mona Lisa's Revenge" and "The Gift" from series 3.
The ninth numbered book is "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith" (the third episode of series 3).

Two further novelisations were published in 2010 as eBooks only (no sign of them being issued as 'proper' books) of 'The Nightmare Man' and 'Death of the Doctor' from series 4 - I have not acquired these as I only collect BOOKS, not electronic files.

There were four books published by Bug Club Books (from Pearsons Schools) which are photo novelisations based on the scripts of four episodes from series 3. (see below)

All of these are in my collection

BBC Books

No 1 (2007)
No 2 (2007)
No 3 (2007)
No 4 (2007)
No 5 (2008)
No 6 (2008)
No 7 (2008)
No 8 (2008)
No 9 (2009)
2010 eBook
2010 eBook

Quiz Book 2009

Bug Club Books
Paperback Photo Novelisations!


Based on "Prisoner of the Judoon"

Based on "The Eternity Trap"

Based on "Mona Lisa's Revenge"

Based on "The Gift"

Pencil Tip Publishing Books


Sarah Jane Smith : Roving Reporter


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