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Star Trek Enterprise was the fifth Star Trek TV series which lasted for only four seasons from 2001 to 2005. Below is a gallery of the books in my collection.

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Pocket Books (Un-numbered)

Jan 2002

By the Book
Nov 2002

What Price Honor?
Mar 2003

Surak's Soul
Jun 2003

Broken Bow (Novelisation)
Dec 2003

May 2004

Daedalus's Children
Jul 2004

Shockwave (Novelisation)
Feb 2006

May 2006

Last Full Measure
Mar 2007

The Good That Men Do
Sep 2008

Kobayashi Maru
Mar 2011

The Romulan War 1
Beneath the Raptor's Wing
Nov 2011

The Romulan War 2
To Brave the Storm
Jul 2013

Rise of the Federation 1
A Choice of Futures
Apr 2014

Rise of the Federation 2
Tower of Babel
Apr 2015

Rise of the Federation 3
Uncertain Logic
Apr 2016

Rise of the Federation 4
Live by the Code
Sep 2017

Rise of the Federation 5
Patterns of Interference


Oct 2003

The Expanse
Oct 2009

The Romulan War 1
Beneath the Raptor's Wing

Pocket Books Hardcover

Oct 2001

Broken Bow