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Unlike my Disney and cartoon videos, my collection of Doctor Who videos remains intact, mostly because I couldn't afford to restart the whole collection again in DVD format, having only acquired a few from the classic series (and all from the new series). This gallery reflects every single Doctor Who video I have including re-issues (sometimes as part of a boxed set). I have organised them in order of transmission of the TV episodes wherever possible.

The First Doctor

The Second Doctor

The Third Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor

The Seventh Doctor

The Eighth Doctor

Spin-Offs / Missing Episodes / Other Drama

The Films

Documentaries / Fact Videos

Having created this gallery of videos that covered the releases of the first to the eighth Doctors, it seemed only logical to create a gallery of the ninth Doctor onwards, which of course have only been released on DVD...

Doctor Who New Series DVD Gallery

I have also started, but by no means got anywhere significant, to collect the classic series on DVD and the collection I have so far is in this gallery...

Doctor Who Classic Series DVD Gallery