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General Hospital is an American medical soap opera TV series that started in 1963 and is still running to the present day. It is the world's longest running American soap opera. Two novels were published by Lancer Books in the 1960s and three novels were published by Award Books in the 1970s. Two more novels were published in 2013 by Hyperion Books. The series should not be confused with the UK TV series General Hospital that ran from 1972 to 1979.

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Lancer Books

No 1 (1963)

General Hospital
No 2 (1965)

Emergency Entrance

Award Books

No 1 (1971)

A Matter of Life and Death
No 2 (1972)

Surgeon's Crisis
No 3 (1974)

In the Name of Love

Hyperion Books


Love in Maine

Maine Squeeze