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There were five Millennium book titles (that I'm aware of) by Harper Collins, though finding them is a challenge as there is speculation that Books 3 to 5 were not published in English. The TV series was the invention of X-Files creator Chris Carter and lasted for three seasons.

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UPDATE : I have since acquired an Italian edition of 'Weeds' dated 1998 published by Mondadori Books and it is numbered as Book 3.

Harper Collins Books

In My Collection...
No 1 (1997)

The Frenchman
No 2 (1997)


The Wild and the Innocent

Force Majeure


The Frenchman (1997) by Elizabeth Hand
Gehenna (1997) by Lewis Gannett
Force Majeure (1998) by Lewis Gannett
The Wild and the Innocent (1998) by Elizabeth Massie
Weeds (2000) by Victor Koman

Mondadori Books (Italy)

No 1 (1997)

Il Francese
Italian edition of "The Frenchman"
No 2 (1997)

Italian edition of "Gehenna"
No 3 (1998)

Il Purificatore
(The Air Purifier)
Italian editon of "Weeds"


No 3 (1998)

Die Sünden der Väter
(The Sins of the Father)
German edition of "Weeds" in hardback