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As there have been so many Star Trek books, this gallery is split into several pages. This fifth page features the un-numbered novels published by Pocket Books (an imprint of Simon and Schuster) who continue to publish to the current day. Simon and Schuster changed the imprint from Pocket Books to Gallery Books in 2019 to reflect the fact that all the latest books are trade size paperbacks. Included in the gallery is the sub-series Star Trek : Vanguard and its sequel series Star Trek : Seekers. Also included is the Starfleet Academy series based on the Kelvin timeline.

There are two covers for the seventh novel "Probe", the first being the US version, the second the UK version : in 1993 Titan Books lost the licence to produce Star Trek books in the UK and Pocket Books took over the UK market. During the interim period Pocket Books engaged Harper Collins publishers to print three of their books with the Pocket Books imprint until they were able to get their versions into the UK. The other two books were Star Trek the Next Generation novels "Imzadi" and "Reunion" (see Star Trek the Next Generation Page 2).

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US - Pocket Books (Un-Numbered)

Sep 1986

Enterprise : The First Adventure
Jul 1987

Strangers From the Sky
Jan 1988

Final Frontier
Aug 1989

Spock's World
Aug 1990

The Lost Years
Sep 1991

Prime Directive
Jan 1993

Nov 1993

Best Destiny
Jul 1994

Shadows on the Sun
Feb 1995

Oct 1995

Mar 1996

Ashes of Eden
Apr 1997

The Return
Jun 1997

Starfleet Academy
Oct 1997

Day of Honor : Treaty's Law
Mar 1998

Vulcan's Forge
May 1998

Jun 1998

The Captain's Table : War Dragons
Oct 1998

The Captain's Table : Where Sea Meets Sky
Apr 1999

Apr 2000

Dark Victory
May 2000

Vulcan's Heart
Apr 2001

Jul 2001

Section 31 : Cloak
Aug 2001

Gateways : One Small Step
Apr 2002

The Eugenics Wars
Jun 2002

The Janus Gate 1 : Present Tense
Jun 2002

The Janus Gate 2 : Future Imperfect
Jul 2002

The Janus Gate 3 : Past Prologue
Jul 2002

Errand of Vengeance 1 : The Edge of the Sword
Aug 2002

Errand of Vengeance 2 : Killing Blow
Aug 2002

Errand of Vengeance 3 : River of Blood
Feb 2003

Mar 2003

The Eugenics Wars 2
Mar 2003

Garth of Izar
Jun 2003

The Last Roundup
Jan 2004

The Case of the Colonist's Corpse
Feb 2004

Captain's Peril
Jan 2005

Ex Machina
Jan 2005

Captain's Blood
Apr 2005

Errand of Fury 1 : Seeds of Rage
Jun 2005

Articles of the Federation
Oct 2005

Vulcan's Soul 1 : Exodus
Jun 2006

To Reign in Hell
Aug 2006

Burning Dreams
Sep 2006

Crucible 1 : McCoy - Provenance of Shadows
Dec 2006

Rihannsu 5 : The Empty Chair
Dec 2006

Crucible 2 : Spock - The Fire and the Rose
Feb 2007

Errand of Fury 2 : Demands of Honor
Mar 2007

Crucible 2 : Spock - The Star to Every Wandering
Apr 2007

Vulcan's Soul 2 : Exiles
Oct 2007

Captain's Glory
Jan 2008

Excelsior : Forged in Fire
Feb 2008

Klingon Empire : A Burning House
Mar 2008

Vulcan's Soul 3 : Epiphany
Nov 2008

Academy : Collision Course
Jan 2009

Errand of Fury 3 : Sacrifices of War
Jun 2009

Troublesome Minds
Feb 2010

Apr 2010

Online : The Needs of the Many
Apr 2010

Unspoken Truth
May 2010

The Children of Kings
Aug 2011

Cast No Shadow
Sep 2011

A Choice of Catastrophes
Feb 2012

The Rings of Time
Mar 2012

That Which Divides
Feb 2013

Allegiance in Exile
Mar 2013

Devil's Bargain
Apr 2013

The Weight of Worlds
May 2013

The Folded World
Jun 2013

The Shocks of Adversity
Aug 2013

From History's Shadow
Mar 2014

No Time Like the Past
Apr 2014

eBook only : Seasons of Light and Darkness
May 2014

Serpents in the Garden
Jun 2014

eBook only : The More Things Change
Dec 2014

Foul Deeds Will Rise
Mar 2015

Savage Trade
Mar 2015

eBook only : Shadow of the Machine
May 2015

Crisis of Consciousness
Dec 2015

Child of Two Worlds
Feb 2016

eBook only : Miasma
Mar 2016

The Latter Fire
May 2016

Elusive Salvation
Jul 2016

Legacies Book 1 : Captain to Captain
Aug 2016

Legacies Book 2 : Best Defense
Sep 2016

Legacies Book 3 : Purgatory's Key
Jan 2017

The Face of the Unknown


Omnibus of "Ashes of Eden", "The Return" and "Avenger"

Titan Books

Nov 2017

Prometheus : Fire With Fire
May 2018

Prometheus : The Root of All Rage
Nov 2018

Prometheus : In the Heart of Chaos

Gallery Books
Trade Size

May 2019

The Captain's Oath
Aug 2019

The Antares Maelstrom
Mar 2020

The Higher Frontier
Apr 2020

The Unsettling Stars
Jun 2020

Agents of Influence
Aug 2020

More Beautiful Than Death
Nov 2020

A Contest of Principles

Pocket Books
Department of Temporal Investigations

May 2011

Watching the Clock
May 2012

Forgotten History
Dec 2014

eBook only : The Collectors
Dec 2016

eBook only : Time Lock
Jun 2017

eBook only : Shield of the Gods

Short Stories

Sep 2006


"Mere Anarchy" eBooks

Aug 2006

Things Fall Apart
Sep 2006

The Centre Cannot Hold
Oct 2006

Shadows of the Indignant
Feb 2007

The Darkness Drops Again
Mar 2007

The Blood-Dimmed Tide
Apr 2007

Its Hour Come Round

Mar 2009

Mere Anarchy
(Paperback Compendium of the above eBooks)

Pocket Books (40th Anniversary Reprints)

Aug 2006

Vulcan's Glory
Aug 2006

Strangers From the Sky
Sep 2006

Sep 2006

The Entropy Effect

Aug 2005

Jul 2006

Summon the Thunder
Jun 2007

Reap the Whirlwind
May 2009

Open Secrets
Dec 2009

Jul 2011

Oct 2011

What Judgements Come
Apr 2012

Storming Heaven
Oct 2012

eBook only : In Tempest's Wake

Aug 2014

Second Nature
Sep 2014

Point of Divergence
Aug 2015

Long Shot
Nov 2015

All That's Left

Simon Spotlight Books (Trade Size)
Starfleet Academy (Kelvin Timeline*)

Nov 2010

The Delta Anomaly
Dec 2010

The Edge
Jun 2011

The Gemini Agent
Jun 2012

The Assassination Game

* The designation of 'Kelvin Timeline' is in acknowledgement of the destruction of the USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) which created the alternate timeline explored in the "Star Trek" (2009) film reboot and its sequels, "Star Trek Into Darkness" (2013) and "Star Trek Beyond" (2016).