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As there have been so many Star Trek The Next Generation books, this gallery has been split into two pages. This page features the US and UK un-numbered books, younger reader Starfleet Academy series, the new (USS) Titan series and the Stargazer series (Captain Picard's first command). Also included is the eBook-Only series titled 'Slings and Arrows'.

There are two covers for the sixth and seventh novels "Reunion" and "Imzadi", the first of each being the US versions, the second the UK version : in 1993 Titan Books lost the licence to produce Star Trek books in the UK and Pocket Books took over the UK market. During the interim period Pocket Books engaged Harper Collins publishers to print three of their books with the Pocket Books imprint until they were able to get their versions into the UK. The third book was the Star Trek novel "Probe" (see Star Trek Page 5).

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US - Pocket Books (Un-Numbered)

Oct 1987

Encounter at Farpoint (Novelisation)
Mar 1990

May 1991

Nov 1991

Unification (Novelisation)
Aug 1992

Nov 1992

Relics (Novelisation)
Jul 1993

Oct 1993

Descent (Novelisation)
Feb 1994

The Devil's Heart
Nov 1994

Dark Mirror
Apr 1995

All Good Things... (Novelisation)
Aug 1995

May 1996

Mar 1997

Nov 1996

Sep 1997

Day of Honor : Ancient Blood
Feb 1998

The Best and the Brightest
May 1998

X-Men : Planet X
Jun 1998

The Captain's Table : Dujonian's Hoard
Nov 1998

The Dominion War Book One
Dec 1998

The Dominion War Book Three
May 1999

Ship of the Line
Oct 1999

Triangle : Imzadi II
Dec 2000

I, Q
Apr 2001

The Genesis Wave Book One
Jun 2001

Section 31 : Rogue
Sep 2001

Gateways : Doors Into Chaos
Dec 2001

The Genesis Wave Book Two
Dec 2001

The Valiant
Feb 2002

Immortal Coil
Mar 2002

A Hard Rain
Apr 2002

The Battle of Betazed
Feb 2003

The Genesis Wave Book Three
Jul 2003

Do Comets Dream?
Feb 2004

A Time to Be Born
Mar 2004

A Time to Die
Apr 2004

Genesis Force
Apr 2004

A Time to Sow
May 2004

A Time to Harvest
Jun 2004

A Time to Love
Jul 2004

A Time to Hate
Aug 2004

A Time to Kill
Sep 2004

A Time to Heal
Oct 2004

A Time for War, a Time for Peace
Mar 2005

Engines of Destiny
Jul 2007

The Buried Age
Sep 2007

Death in Winter
Sep 2007

Oct 2007

Q & A
Nov 2007

Before Dishonor
Aug 2008

Greater Than the Sum
Jul 2009

Losing the Peace
Apr 2011

Indistinguishable From Magic
Nov 2012

Cold Equations 1 : The Persistence of Memory
Dec 2012

Cold Equations 2 : Silent Weapons
Jan 2013

Cold Equations 3 : The Body Electric
Mar 2013

eBook only : The Stuff of Dreams
Jul 2014

The Light Fantastic
Oct 2014

eBook only : Q Are Cordially Invited
Feb 2015

Jun 2015

Armageddon's Arrow
Feb 2017

Headlong Flight
Jun 2017

Hearts and Minds

Simon and Schuster changed the imprint from Pocket Books to Gallery Books in 2019 to reflect the fact that all the latest books are trade size paperbacks.

Gallery Books
Trade Size

Apr 2019

Available Light
Oct 2019

Collateral Damage
Due Apr 2021

Shadows Have Offended

Pocket Books Reprint


Encounter at Farpoint (Novelisation)

Pocket Books
Trade Size

Oct 2007

The Sky's the Limit (Short stories)

UK - Titan Books (un-numbered)

Feb 1988

Encounter at Farpoint (Novelisation)
Mar 1990

May 1991



Oct 1990

Encounter at Farpoint (Novelisation)

Slings and Arrows (eBooks Only)
Not printed in paperback
Oct 2007

1 : The Sea of Troubles
Nov 2007

2 : The Oppressor's Wrong
Dec 2007

3 : The Insolence of Office
Jan 2008

4 : That Sleep of Death
Feb 2008

5 : A Weary Life
Mar 2008

6 : Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment

Minstrel Books (Pocket Books)
Starfleet Academy Younger Reader Series
This series of books was also published by Archway Books in standard size format (what the US calls "mass market paperback") though only the first three were published in this size.

No 1 (Aug 1993)

Worf's First Adventure
No 2 (Oct 1993)

Line of Fire
No 3 (Dec 1993)

No 4 (Jun 1994)

Capture the Flag
No 5 (Aug 1994)

Atlantis Station
No 6 (Feb 1995)

Mystery of the Missing Crew
No 7 (Apr 1995)

Secret of the Lizard People
No 8 (Oct 1995)

No 9 (Dec 1995)

Nova Command
No 10 (Apr 1996)

No 11 (Dec 1996)

No 12 (Apr 1997)

No 13 (Dec 1997)

The Haunted Starship
No 14 (Apr 1998)


Archway Books

No 1 (1993)

Worf's First Adventure
No 2 (1993)

Line of Fire
No 3 (1994)


US - Pocket Books

Captain William T. Riker's First Command

Apr 2005

Taking Wing
Oct 2005

The Red King
Jan 2006

Orion's Hounds
Dec 2007

Sword of Damocles
Mar 2009

Over a Torrent Sea
Nov 2009

Aug 2012

Fallen Gods
Feb 2014

eBook only :Absent Enemies
Oct 2015

Sight Unseen
Dec 2017

Fortune of War

US - Pocket Books

Captain Jean-Luc Picard's First Command

No 1 (2002)

No 2 (2002)

No 3 (2003)

No 4 (2003)

No 5 (2004)

No 6 (2004)